Combined Insight for Sustainable Success

By combining insights and stacking facts; improvement opportunities are illuminated.

Organizations of all kinds must improve their productivity, efficiency, quality and speed, while aggressively reducing costs. This is the path to success. For this critical endeavour, we offer a range of organizational development services to better leverage resources, enhance learning, and innovate for continuous improvement.


We offer business leaders the closest thing to found money that exists, with zero risk and no unnecessary hassle. Simply put: We help to secure cost savings though efficiency gains and/or added revenues through productivity improvements. To deliver; we investigate and pursue the valuable opportunities we can uncover or can otherwise devise -- working closely together with and alongside your staff -- directly resulting in bottom-line cost savings and/or revenue gains on your books.

Our fees are not based on how many hours, days or weeks, or the 'deliverables' listed on some invoice. They are "straight commission" equal to 30% of the value we will deliver to your bottom line. In other words, you'll receive 70-cents of every 'new dollar' (and that's to start; as this share will improve in your favour, over time). These savings and gains (and our fees, as a percentage of these) are tracked (and paid-out) week-by-week over a set course of time after implementation, using a mutually-agreed accounting algorithm and precisely-defined operational performance metrics, along with your internal, 'fully-loaded' costs, etc. After this period, all of these savings and gains will flow entirely to you.

Consider this: If our offer included an up-front expense, our project would still deliver better than a 330% 'Return on Investment' within one year after implementation, and then it would go up, (waaay up!) except that it's not an 'Investment' if you were never even out-of-pocket! This explains why working with Synerlux is a 'zero risk' proposition.

CALL 416-428-1716 and invite us to talk-over the specifics and put it all in writing for you to review.

Regretfully, outside of the 'Greater Toronto Area' a modest advance retainer is required to offset our added time and travel expenses. This means, strictly-speaking, that we cannot offer our 100% Straight-Commission arrangement to everyone that we might like to; but we will do our level-best to approach this figure as closely as we can!
We make things run better -- quicker, more smoothly, with greater flexibility and responsiveness, better quality and consistency, and less waste and wasted effort. This is what we do, wherever we go.

The performance improvements we will establish -- working synergistically with your staff -- will provide a foundation for progress and permanent, continuous improvement. By optimizing the way your human capital is deployed and employed; together we can innovate a competitive advantage that is difficult or impossible for your competitors to acquire or duplicate. This is because, unlike the transitory advantage bought with new equipment or technology (nullified and outstripped when your competitors purchase their own); when people are the cornerstone of success we build upon the most; we can compete effectively with anyone in the world.

To make this happen; we leverage our keen analyses to uncover hidden opportunities for improvement. We then devise a means or method to seize that opportunity and systematize the performance improvement -- making it permanent. Often, we draw upon an Activity-Based Costing (ABC) approach, and use a combination of Time/Motion Study, Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and Human Performance Technology (HPT) to help us identify, engineer and implement performance improvement innovations that are both enviably Lean, and verifiably Green.
Working together, we can make it both cheaper and easier for you to achieve meaningful improvements to your environmental performance. It doesn't matter whether you're interest is covering your 'environmental flank' or if you've recognized environmental performance as a critical imperative. What does matter is that working together, we can measurably and verifiably achieve real improvements to your ecological footprint, alongside real cost savings and real revenue gains.

We can do this for you, even though it demands more from us -- even while offering you a rebate of up-to one-sixth of our received fees (that's 16.6%); if you reduce your ecological footprint, and doing so requires expenditures at least twice as great as the rebate sought. This rebate will be paid to you at the rate of one dollar for every two dollars that you spend *specifically to reduce your ecological footprint*, as we may best determine together (terms and conditions apply to ensure environmental efficacy).

This limited time offer would effectively reduce our fee rate from 30% of new efficiency savings and/or revenue gains, down to only 25%.

Simply CALL 416-428-1716 to invite us to scout for hidden opportunities for you.


Organizational Development Systems & Services
for Lasting Competitive Advantage

Custom Approaches not “Canned Solutions”

We are not experts in your business – you are. Our expertise rests mainly in our specialized analytical methods, and the way we illuminate important (and often hidden) opportunities and obstacles. We then roll-up our sleeves to speed-up your success, by working alongside your staff. This way, we can pass along our special skills and methods, so your staff can carry-on after we have moved-on.

The insights we gain together are what inspire our initiatives. So, our recommendations speak for themselves, without us having to “pitch” our proposals. We never do anything for the sake of fashion, and we do not try to substitute our judgment for yours.

Our full array of high-leverage organizational development services enables us to improve your operating performance in numerous ways. With every initiative, we work to realize all kinds of improvement potential, whether economic, environmental, social, or in the knowledge sphere.

We deliver competitive advantages that are difficult for your rivals to copy or imitate – and we never try to repeat past successes for different Clients, because we would never do for your competitors, what we will do for you.

With many projects, we are eager to prove our worth before asking for 1 cent, which can mean a positive ROI on day 1!

Call us today at (+00 1-416-428-1716 and ask us to prove our worth.

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