Work Site Redesign

Work Site Redesign Services tailor individual work stations and settings — in a wide arena of industries — to suit the individual needs of your employees. The process starts with specialized surveys. We use them to determine each person’s needs for work settings designed along the isolation / stimulation continuum, and also establish the access they require to tools and equipment, technical systems and other employees. We then integrate these personal needs, into a physical layout plan that, to the greatest degree possible, accommodates the specific needs of each member of your staff.

    • We assess the unique work site support needs of your people and the jobs they perform, to ensure work spaces assist efforts, rather than obstruct them.

    • The benefits range from fewer distractions, less time lost searching for and staging inputs, and your employee’s improved ability to add value and work with less fatigue.

    • As a part of the initial survey initiative, we can prepare a preliminary cost / benefit analysis. These frequently show a return on investment within a matter of months, with more costly labour usually showing an even quicker pay-off.

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