Training Needs Analyses

Training Needs Analyses are aimed at finding out what skills your staff most need to develop, and also the best ways to develop them. They set-out the specifications of the required training effort; who will need to learn which skills, and how this can best be done. Similar to our other Needs Analysis service, but with a sharp focus on training issues, Training Needs Analyses can provide an initial cost / benefit analysis, and help you to issue RFIs / RFPs to identify the outside training providers who can best serve your objectives.

    • Training Needs Analyses reveal the human performance improvement requirements for; training programs of various kinds, job aids, manuals, and expert systems, etc.

    • We find powerful ways for your people to serve their own needs, and each other’s, to leverage your existing equipment, technology and physical plant.

    • To the greatest degree possible, we leverage your existing capabilities, in order to serve your specific and immediate needs. This is one of the most important ways that we produce integrated self-support.

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