Sub-Consulting: Services for Consultants

As consultants to consultants; you can ask for no better partner in success.

Consulting is among the most challenging of businesses. Selling intangible services to Clients who may have yet to recognize the need for them, is only the first hurdle. Once a consulting engagement is begun, extremely high expectations are the norm. Your every initiative is measured against not only what your competitors could offer, but also what your Client’s in-house staff would accomplish in your stead.

To successfully navigate all of the hurdles that arise, the strategic, the tactical and the technical challenges that must be surmounted can tax even the most polished and prepared team of professionals. Yet, you must make this all seem effortless to justify the confidence your Clients have invested in your firm.

The critical success factors frequently amount to speed and capacity – the ability to outpace and out-produce what all others could achieve – to exceed your Client’s expectations on every count. Of course, quality excellence is always a key consideration, so you must be incisive with your insights, innovative with your designs and implement your proposals with aplomb.

Compounding the challenge is the fact that consulting companies – largely made of intellectual capital and personal expertise – have enormous systemic constraints on such achievements. Unlike other types of businesses, scaling-up and speeding-up consulting service delivery is much more complicated than simply hiring new staff and purchasing more equipment. Moreover, there are severe limits to how many additional hours can be brought to bear on any one initiative, while maintaining corporate flexibility over the long-term. All the while, promises must be kept and deadlines must be met.

By serving steep timelines, we enable your firm to outpace all your competitors.

Yet, one detail is never far from the minds of enterprising consultants: As the challenges you can overcome for your Clients increase, so too will your rewards. This happens as the promise of your firm is cemented; as you enrich and extend your repertoire; and as your prestige grows and spreads throughout your market.

Synerlux Consulting can help you to realize this potential with high-leverage sub-consulting and outsourced professional services to bolster and build the power of your consultancy.


Some of our services include: •Start-to-finish sales process advising,

    • In-depth Client needs analysis and survey research support,

    • Detailed project development and design services,

    • Compelling wordsmithery and proposal writing services,

    • High-impact business graphics design and rendering for printed materials, presentations and the Internet,

    • Complete suites of analytical, training, facilitation and redesign services to enrich your offerings,

    • “Back-Office” materials preparation services for a variety of presentation, training, instruction manual and job aids authoring and diagnostic testing tasks, among many others,

    • Custom-built Microsoft Excel spreadsheet solutions for a wide array of initiatives, including; data mining, automated document scripting, financial analysis, heuristic model building and scenario testing, etc., and

    • Innovative database architectures and Microsoft Access database solutions for the full gamut of information handling challenges; everything from next-generation Customer Relationship Management databases to enterprise knowledge info-marts and beyond.

Whether working up-front or behind the shadows; we’ll be with you as you need.

Whether you need someone to work discretely from “behind the shadows” – or if you want someone on-site with your Clients, Synerlux can serve your objectives exactly the way you need us to. We work seamlessly alongside your team, and always well within the limits you set.

Rest assured, our rigorous professional service subcontracting agreement covers all of your requirements, including confidentiality concerns, intellectual property rights, non-compete covenants and professional performance standards. We always strive to protect the interests of your firm and those of your Clients, as we advance the standing of your consultancy, and the state of the art of business consulting.

Contact us today to find out how Synerlux can help you to land and deliver bigger consulting assignments, and build more profitable and stronger relationships with your Clients.

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