Sociogramming is a group of advanced techniques that can map-out team dynamics as they unfold, using specialized illustrations. Some illustrations are done in front of the group, so that team members can see how their work is unfolding and coming together. Other kinds of diagrams are most useful when they are prepared for the benefit of team leaders, who can use the lessons they provide to help optimize the performance of individual team members and the group as a whole.

    • “Open” diagrams are prepared to capture the content of the team meeting, whereas “closed” diagrams are used to inform team leaders about how the team is working together.

    • This service hinges upon graphical representations of team work processes, prepared while they are working together.

    • Sociogramming is especially useful in creative endeavours such as brainstorming sessions or problem-solving meetings.

    • Sociograms can provide an objective analysis of team efficiency and effectiveness, and can demonstrate to team members the effects that they have on each other.

    • They can also reveal potential corrective actions that can be taken, to optimize teamwork for superior results.

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