Process Mapping

Process Mapping Services focus everyone’s attention on the practical improvement opportunities that exist in your operation. Far from being a simple lay-out of steps, we will enrich your process maps with concrete operational performance measurements and key process specifications. The results will provide new perspective and valuable insights into what all can be done to secure performance improvement.

    •We will gauge actual operating performance with keen observations of work in progress — not just a look at your “books”. Most importantly, we will work alongside your people to make these discoveries, which means the findings will be instantly understood by all, and also that your staff will be able to carry forward with the effort on their own.

    • This will clearly demonstrate the process improvements that can deliver greatly enhanced efficiency, productivity, quality, flexibility and speed of response.

    • It will also reveal how well the target process interfaces with the rest of the operation, and will identify high-leverage improvement options to better harmonize all of your organizational processes, systems, methods and objectives.

    • We focus first on your critical processes to produce rapid, bottom-line benefits at the outset.

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