Performance Support Systems R&D Services

Performance Support Systems Research & Development Services build the bridges between new skills and insights, and new systems, procedures and processes. Whenever your organization has to implement some kind of new technical system, or has launched a new product or service that requires new skills and methods, Training Support Systems R&D Services can help you make the transition quickly and painlessly.

    • We put the focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of your support systems, not on individual employees. This will maximize the contributions of everyone in your enterprise.

    • Because training is only one way to improve human performance at work, we help research, design, develop and implement the expert systems, manuals, check lists, quality data collection tools, databases, forms and other job aids that are needed.

    • This furnishes your organization with an integrated system of supports that ingrain new skills for better work performance, quickly and cost effectively.

    • The results are continuously declining labour costs; enriched cooperation; and accelerated learning and innovation.

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