Performance Metrics Research and Development

Performance Metrics Research & Development Services provide your enterprise with operational performance measurements that reveal — in real time — your business performance. Unlike the traditional kit of financial measurements, operational performance metrics speak the language of your operations — not your bankers.

    • Financial measurements tend to be rather abstract, unfocussed and at least a month old. This forces you into a reactive decision making mode, and results in a lot of trial and error. The solution is to develop operational performance metrics that pertain to specific parts of your enterprise, specific processes, specific product lines and even specific customers. We can empower you to monitor this new information on a daily or even an hourly basis — or even minute-by-minute.

    • By developing new performance metrics, and the systems needed to trap, analyze and communicate this information in real time, you and your staff can be more proactive and manage dynamic complexity with newfound simplicity.

    • This body of services can provide an invaluable and concrete basis for radically improved decision making. It can also help your organization to participate in the Global Reporting Initiative.

    • For more information, order The New Metrics Initiative today.

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