Partnership Formation and Agreement Preparation

Partnership Formation and Agreement Preparation is a group of services geared to ensure your strategic alliances will pay you the dividends you expect — while keeping your costs and risks under control. The cornerstone of this body of services is an integrative analysis of how a prospective partnership would actually work, and then the proper and full reflection of that intended partnership in the various written agreements that would be needed. While the services of an attorney are invaluable when the goal is to ensure an agreement is enforceable, our services focus more on ensuring that it is in fact workable.

    • The first task at hand is to ensure that the capabilities and capacities of your potential partners are sufficient to deliver on the promises they have made to you.

    • We work alongside your other advisors and staff members to develop and polish the spreadsheets, agreements, procedures and other mechanisms to enable you to capitalize on the combined powers of your business partnerships.

    • We ensure your interests are served within your partnerships.

    • The results are deeper, richer, and more beneficial relationships within your strategic alliances.

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