Needs Analyses

Needs Analyses reveal the many ways that are available to better integrate your production / provision and support and infrastructure systems, to secure performance improvements of all kinds. Depending on the level of detail you require, a Needs Analysis can include a cost / benefit analysis of the proposed improvements, and will also equip you to issue RFIs / RFPs for the options you choose to pursue. As such, Needs Analyses can be an important first step in any professionally-supported improvement initiative, such as a consulting engagement.

    • Needs Analyses start by gauging the combined performance and potential of your people, equipment and your integrating technical and managerial systems. Next, it maps out all of those gaps and lags and mismatched capabilities that would be most important to fix — prioritizing them all and setting them within a logical sequence for improvement action.

    • This is a very important first step to discovering the systemic problems that plague your operation, and it clearly outlines the scope of the opportunity — and the costs of seizing it.

    • A Needs Analysis will provide you with an objective and rational means of prioritizing your plans and also a means to identify and select the contractors and consultants that would best be able to help you move forward.

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