Logistical Flow Analysis

Logistical Flow Analysis is the study of routine movement for a purpose. Whenever materials, parts, assemblies, finished goods or even people are moved from one place to another, logistical flow analysis can reveal if the expense of time, money or energy is reasonable, or if delays, damage, waste or costly errors can be minimized with logistical improvements.

    • Some logistical flow analyses are focused on movements within a plant or facility. In these cases we prepare a map or diagram that we can use to analyze flows and model potential improvements.

    • Other logistical flow analyses are intended to examine logistical flows between facilities or shipping locations. In these cases we prepare our data for display using the free Google Earth Viewer.

    • In every case, we quantify the current efficiency and efficacy of existing logistical flows, and propose improvements that would effectively accomplish the same or similar results, while realizing valuable improvements to your cost structures and time lines.

    • We always pay very close attention to logistics when we prepare a carbon footprint, because of the significant amounts of fossil fuels that are used in transportation.

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