JIT / OJT Training

Just in Time / On-the-Job Training takes your training objectives, and turns them into practical approaches to transfer skills and knowledge to employees while they are actually doing the work at hand. This approach keeps the lessons imminently practical and concrete, and it also keeps your employees on the job, rather than in some training venue. (NB: This service is not necessarily about training in the methods of JIT/Kanban Production — although it can be.)

    • JIT / OJT is more of a training method than an actual training deliverable — it is how we train, which enables us to deliver optimal results that last.

    • This technique imparts new skills and improved understanding as your people are actually on-the-job — to cement skills transfers and “training uptake”.

    • This approach to training enables your staff to integrate new abilities into their work much more quickly — while bolstering systems upgrades and organizational change initiatives at the same time.

    • JIT/OJT Training increases skills utilization, retention and Return on Training Investment.

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