Integrated Control Systems

Integrated Control Systems ensure that systematic methods are applied to all decisions and actions taken throughout your enterprise. To develop them, we start by mapping out the general processes in use, and detailing all of the critical control points in those processes. We then work with your staff to determine the control points in need of various levels of managerial or technical control. We then augment, adapt or alter the organizational infrastructure as required, in order to ensure that proper and consistent control is applied to these processes.

    • Properly designed and implemented systems can do much more than provide technical monitoring and managerial control. They can bolster improvement initiatives, enrich learning, and capture the information needed for more systematic decision making and process innovation.

    • This effort will provide a key element in any kind of continuous improvement initiative.

    • The aim is to ensure decisions are taken for the right reasons and followed-up in timely fashion with the right actions.

    • When mistakes or problems are found, these systems ensure the right corrective actions are taken to prevent problems from recurring in the future.

    • This can help establish the information infrastructure needed for ISO Certification, Six Sigma Programs, GRI Frameworks, and the Canadian National Pollutant Release Inventory, among other control-intensive organizational regimes.

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