How We Work

There are many things that set us apart in the consulting industry:

    • We do not claim to be experts in your business — you are the experts. Our expertise rests mainly in our special analytical methods and the way we develop novel insights into actionable improvement initiatives. Along the way, we enrich and extend the capabilities of your staff, often equipping them with new tools, methods and practices; for an efficient journey that is full of learning and that leads to measurable performance improvement.

    • With every engagement, we work to develop tools for your staff (including Microsoft Excel© spreadsheet/solutions, databases, manuals, job aids, training kits, instruction sets, written procedures, decision matrices, etc.), and to pass on to your people everything they need to know, to move forward after we have moved on.

    • We often prefer to have one or two of your staff work closely with us as “Project Coordinators”, so they can learn along the way, and provide you with a third eye on our work. For projects requiring physical observation of work in progress, having your own staff involved in the observations ensures that we’re all seeing the same thing: The same potential or opportunity for improvement, which is exactly how such gains are realized. Project Coordinators can also give you trusted confirmation of our findings, sparing us from ever having to ask you to make a leap of faith.

    • Of course: We work closely with your financial managers, to quantify and qualify the dollar savings and or gains that we have accomplished through our work for you.

    • Any time we see something new — an opportunity for improvement, or perhaps a previously undetected risk, we are always sure to bring it to your attention. This way, we can get your people thinking in all the right directions they need to, so they can protect and serve your organization’s best interests.


Our Principles

We rely on our core principles to guide both our internal operations and Client Services. They are practical and proven, and they empower us to innovate cost-effective project approaches. Moreover, they are a large part of what distinguishes us in the consulting industry, and these are distinctions that we cherish.

We know that technology is not a quick fix. We also understand that it cannot in itself provide you with a competitive advantage. This is because your competitors have access to the same technology you do. To be sure, there are occasions when new technology is called for. However, we will be the very last ones to call for it. Instead, we focus our efforts on developing ways for you to compete and succeed, that will be difficult or impossible for your competitors to replicate or mimic. In this endeavour, our first line of approach is always to find ways to empower you and your people, to maximize the usefulness of your existing equipment and production technology.
At a fundamental level, organizations are made of ideas -- ideas that are held by the people in their ranks. In a very real way, the worth of an organization is built upon the brains and talents of its members -- its human assets. Their ability to understand new things and learn new ways, is what enables an organization to innovate and succeed. It is for these purposes that we have developed numerous services that enrich and extend the value-adding power of your workforce. We can help you and your staff -- as few others can -- to improve performance in truly valuable ways, leading to greater efficiency, productivity, flexibility, responsiveness and quality in everything that they do.
In every organization, people are constantly reinventing how they work. It is their insight that powers your organization's progress. Insight is the very thing that we focus on through our work. We find, fuel and fan the sparks of insight, into the brilliant flames of innovation that will drive your enterprise onward, upward and forward. This is why we put so much emphasis on being systematic and exacting -- because we want to capture every spark and channel every bit of energy we can find, into the pursuit of your objectives. Not only because this is possible, but because it is necessary in every organization -- there is always room for improvement.
Unlike other essential resources, time cannot be stored, purchased or hired. Yet, we can do absolutely nothing without time. What little time we do have, is constantly running through our fingers, so we must learn both how to save time, and how to spend it more wisely. Many business people are fond of saying that "time is money", but the truth is that time is more valuable than money -- time is opportunity. One of the most important things we do for our Clients, is to empower them to use time more efficiently and productively, to win new customers and outpace competitors of all kinds.
Decision making is among a leader's greatest burdens. Choosing what to do can be difficult, especially when we face uncertainty or risk. With complex matters, we have learned to decide by comparing risks and rewards. We approach the task as one of choosing between trade-offs, and we trade-off those things that we feel are least likely to come back to bite us. While some have said this has made us risk averse, the truth is much more serious. It has made us resistant to opportunity. One of the most important things we do, is to empower you to consider your options in a new light -- to enable responsible decision making, not between trade-offs, but for trade-ons.

Professional Practices

Our professional practices are not easy or expedient. On the contrary, they place significant demands on us. But they do empower us to identify, custom-develop and deliver innovative improvement approaches that are perfectly suited to your unique enterprise. This is why we will never try to do for your competitors, what we have done for you. From our standpoint, this is neither necessary nor desirable; because our analysis informs our creativity, and our collaborative methods drive our innovations. Altogether, we approach things differently, better and more holistically.

We do not assume to know what you need or want. This is why we start by asking you some very incisive questions. Only if your answers ask more questions of us, can we begin to find out what you need. To do this, we analyze your operations -- by physically studying them in action -- to assess the potential for improvement that exists, quantify opportunities and obstacles, and prioritize improvement plans. Very often, we find extremely valuable hidden opportunities that can be capitalized on quickly. In fact, we rather specialize in finding such "quick wins", so that we can tap them for you, to help underwrite your broader improvement initiatives.

Of course, if you already have definite ideas as to what you want us to do for you, we can work happily at your direction. We trust you will forgive us, if along the way, we point-out a few things you haven't yet considered. This is our nature and it is in your best interests, as is everything we will do for you.
Because we are not "solution providers", and we make no assumptions about what you may or may not need from us, we also do not have a "sales pitch" for you. Even after we have identified a valuable opportunity for improvement, scoped it out and figured out what it could be worth and what it would take to seize it; we do not pitch our ideas with glossy salesmanship. Instead, we practice openness -- with our approach, our methods, our findings and our recommendations -- so that you can make an informed decision as to the value of our services. We always prefer that our ideas and the data behind them should speak for themselves -- without a sales effort from us.
Our ability to develop your staff while we are doing our work, is yet another professional practice that sets us apart. In essence, we work to sell the store. This is because one of our key objectives is your increased independence from external advisors -- us included. Not only does this mean that your people will learn to help themselves, but also that if we can agree to certain specific arrangements, your costs can be reduced to the extent that your staff help us to deliver on your objectives. This unique practice of ours enables us to serve your objectives very cost efficiently, while providing you with added benefits that will grow and deepen long after our project engagement has ended.
When we analyze an operation, we do not rely solely on financial statements to gauge performance. Nor do we use an arbitrary "standards-based" approach, such as benchmarking. Instead, we go deeper. We speak to the people who actually do the work, and observe them as they do it. In the process, we capture real operational data using click-counters, tape measures, stop watches, check sheets and spreadsheets -- whatever it takes. We then analyze this performance data, converting it into dollars and cents and outcomes. To be sure, this requires some effort, but it reveals actual performance with a tremendously high resolution, much greater than could ever be provided by financial statements alone.
We know that every organization is different, with different assets, different customers, different challenges, and different strategic directions. By far, the most important differences are the skills and talents of an organization's workforce. This is why, in our business, there is no such thing as the "one size that fits all". It is why we always serve our Clients by developing and implementing custom-made improvement approaches, designed around our analytical findings and your specific instructions -- not some kind of pre-set "canned solution".
Attention to detail, precision, and scientific methods form the basis of our expertise. We test assumptions, examine options and develop a genuine understanding of your business before suggesting any action. As we move forward and implement improvements, we never ask for blind faith and we do not "pitch" our ideas. Rather, we investigate, demonstrate, establish and prove our initiatives, so that we can all apply our best efforts to the tasks at hand. Along every step of the way, we document our efforts, findings, recommendations and results; and collaborate closely with your own financial managers to verify the value of our work.
We do not try to make our Clients dependent on us. Nor do we work to make a career out of your organization. Instead, we design our projects around very specific objectives that we can serve within a short period of time. We then draw on your people to help us get the job done as quickly as possible. This controls your costs, and it provides us with a golden opportunity to pass-on what we know to your people, so that they can move forward without us, after we have moved on.
One of our key project design objectives, is to always minimize your out-of-pocket costs. To make this happen, we will identify and capitalize on the ripest opportunities we can find, as quickly as we can. We do this to underwrite your project with cost savings and revenue gains that can be seized early-on. This also helps us to open-up as many valuable options for you as possible.

Moreover, we are never quick to recommend that you spend your money on new equipment or technology. In fact, this is just about the last thing that we will ever do (though when it needs to be done, we do it properly). Instead, we specialize in finding ways to extend and enhance the usefulness of your existing assets -- maximizing the returns on what you already have.

Objectives Served

Among our greatest strengths, is our ability to serve a number of your objectives simultaneously. We are able to do this, because we have developed high-leverage analytical methods for making sense of both detail and dynamic complexity. More importantly, we are able to place these findings into an holistic perspective on your operations. We do this by drawing on a number of schools of thinking that are relevant to organizational behaviour and development in its myriad aspects. It is with these insights, that we are able to develop elegant and powerful improvement approaches that are perfectly suited to your unique tactical situation and strategic direction.

This approach is a large part of what distinguishes us. It is how we go way beyond “canned solutions”, with potent services that are neither functionally-derived, nor industry specific.

We have developed an array of services to increase production yields, process efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, flexibility and quality, the value-adding contributions of your employees and value-net partners, customer focus, value and satisfaction, and of course, profitability as well.

We raise the performance capabilities of your enterprise with careful analysis and powerful process reengineering and organizational development approaches. Together, they provide you with lasting and generative improvements, for all kinds of performance breakthroughs.
We offer a whole host of services to help you decrease operating costs, delays, wastes of all kinds, spoilage, life cycle costs, customer attrition, employee withdrawal, overhead costs, lost time, downtime, maintenance costs, skills erosion, uncertainty, overwork and training costs, etc. We will help you to decrease the costs, the delays, wastes and other kinds of losses that are involved in your business activities. We leave no stone unturned in our search for savings, as we strive to vigorously manage every margin to your advantage.
We will enrich your operations with a wide array of services geared to; build value and quality, increase customer and employee satisfaction, enhance staff competencies, extend operational capabilities, capacities and flexibility, and strengthen strategic power and tactical excellence.

We can help you to enrich key performance capabilities throughout your organization, to produce superior customer value and shareholder returns. There are numerous ways that we can empower you and your staff to outperform and win in whatever endeavour you undertake.
We have developed many ways to extend your capabilities and flexibility, the expertise of your staff, the options they can choose among, the support of your suppliers and vendors, your share of the market and your share of your customer's business too.

We work to strengthen the relationships you have with your customers, suppliers, subcontractors, advisors and vendors, that together enable your continuing success. We build both flexibility and focus in everything you do, to help extend your reach to seize valuable opportunities of all kinds.
We investigate and implement strategies to mitigate the losses, wastes, risks, costs and delays that stand in the way between you and your greater success, including; liability exposure, compliance costs, development delays, engineering costs and if possible, negative opinions too.

We find ways to offset, reduce and avoid the risks, delays, obstacles and costs that pose a threat to your plans. Regardless of where the issue lies, we help to protect your interests proactively, by helping you to take far-flung factors into consideration, in a systematic and rigorous way.

Industries Served

We can adapt our approaches to whichever situation you may call us into. Whether you want personal assistance, or for us to serve a part of your organization or the entire enterprise, we deliver on your objectives. To do this, we add value by…

    Analyzing performance to achieve better perspective and valuable new insights.

    Identifying opportunities for improvement and obstacles to success.

    Generating options to seize these opportunities and overcome obstacles.

    Assessing strategies by quantifying and qualifying strengths and weaknesses

    Developing tactics to maximize the power and utility of every required action.

    Prioritizing plans to ensure that everything you do builds your strengths.

    Polishing communications to send the right messages, in the right ways.

All the while: Implementing improvements that build enterprise synergy.

We work in all kinds of production facilities, toward the implementation of lean, flexible and more productive Manufacturing and Fabrication processes and their supporting operations.

Selecting and Contracting with Supply and Service Providers
    • Sourcing, Purchasing, Receiving and Stocking Materials and Equipment
    • Recruiting, Hiring, Orienting, Training and Motivating Employees
    • Identifying Customer Needs and Developing Engineering Specifications

Improving Setup, Change Over, Shutdown & Maintenance Procedures
    • Scheduling Production and Staging Materials and Equipment
    • Organizing and Deploying Production Labour
    • Assuring Production Quality and Performance Standards
    • Managing Suppliers and Service Providers

Maintaining Facilities and Equipment
    • Packaging, Warehousing, Picking, Shipping & Distributing Goods
    • Paying, Rewarding and Recognizing Employees
    • Supporting and Servicing Goods Produced
We improve Logistics and Distribution Operations -- including stand-alone businesses and internal departments -- by establishing sound fundamentals and developing the systems to manage the fine details -- whether those details are measured by the ton or by the piece. Logistics and Distribution Operations are multi-facetted: Receiving – Stocking – Picking – Packing – Shipping

The passage of time and the coverage of space are driving costs: Managing Supplies and Demand Flux promises dividends.
Service providers face unique challenges, especially with their customers. We devise powerful ways to increase "value offered" while also reducing costs and building and managing stronger, richer, and longer-lasting relationships.

The Service Industry Challenge: Drawing on Internal Resources to Uniquely Satisfy External Customers
We help those who help others. We provide a wide array of services to extend and enrich the performance of Administrative and Corporate Infrastructure Operations. We help them to manage the information and activity that supports critical competencies — company-wide.

360-Degree Improvement of Administrative and Corporate Infrastructure Operations =
Total Performance Enrichment

Unique Services for Unique Clients

Synerlux is a full-service organizational development and management consulting firm. As such, our methods are not constrained by the particular setting we may find ourselves in. Our services are neither industry-specific nor functionally derived. In fact, we draw great strength from our ability to adapt our approaches and methods to any enterprise we encounter. A key part of this strength is based on cross-fertilizing our thinking about your operation, with the lessons we have learned in many others, in different industries — at every level — and various specialized units within those organizations.

With every engagement, generating options is a large part of what we do — including how to have your cake and eat it too. We understand that in many instances, it is infinitely more important to preserve options then it can be to achieve short-term goals. This is why we work to maintain a dynamic balance between all of our objectives, and why our objectives also include the service of other’s objectives, most especially those of our Clients.

Precisely what this could mean for you and a project for your enterprise, is something we cannot now guess; except to say it will likely depend on what you currently do and where and how you presently do it. Though we may not be able to say from the outset, exactly where our project may lead: You can be sure that where we deliver you, will not be a place crowded by your competitors.

We help all kinds of entrepreneurs and executives by...
    Taking-up the "leg work" of your projects; whether that means developing an approach, "crunching the numbers", compiling data, preparing presentation materials or coaching you on delivering them. We also offer ghostwriting services for all kinds of business communications.

    Providing tactical and strategic advisory services; to assist in sales and funding efforts, negotiations, partnership management considerations, human resource development initiatives or career advancement planning, etc.
We help you to build truly powerful teams by...
    Identifying and assessing the interpersonal dynamics at work in your organization, in order to optimize working relationships throughout your enterprise.

    Assisting your people to operate and continuously refine processes.

    Guiding and facilitating the efforts of your project and process team members, who must execute your critical improvement initiatives.

    Training individual team members to work effectively as a team.

    Preparing and developing the organizational infrastructure needed to support and leverage the full potential of all work teams.
We help you to refine your departmental operations by...
    Reorganizing and rationalizing your operating processes with a view toward increasing flexibility, productivity, efficiency, speed and value-added.

    Refocusing your work teams and support staffs to better coordinate their efforts in service of organizational objectives.

    Leveraging your existing systems, equipment and facilities more fully, to enrich and extend departmental and organizational capabilities alike.
We can help you to optimize division-wide performance by...
    Discerning and establishing exactly how your material, equipment, facility, energy and human resources can be deployed for maximal returns.

    Identifying and fully-harnessing divisional capacities and competencies.

    Harmonizing divisional operations with corporate objectives and strategic business plans.

    Repackaging your divisional capabilities to serve needs within the broader corporate, conglomerate, industrial and community realms.
We help you to enhance performance at the corporate operations level by...
    Minimizing the various kinds of losses, delays and waste to prevent "gain erosion" throughout your enterprise.

    Coordinating the efforts of all divisions, departments, work teams and individual employees, with a fully-integrated improvement approach and new performance metrics.

    Determining how to build shareholder value by maximizing profit margins, share value and production flexibility, while mitigating tactical risks and strategic threats at the same time.

    Orchestrating the change process to minimize any negative perceptions and experiences for employees, and by drawing on their input and expertise to serve the needs of all stakeholders of the organization.
We help to investigate and facilitate your strategic initiatives by...
    Exploring the potential on offer to you through new partnership and alliance opportunities, emergent technologies, and new strategies and tactics.

    Investigating newly-identified customer needs and market niches.

    Positioning all of your production assets and preparing your people to sustain the enterprise over the long-haul, toward ever-greater success.

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