Heuristic Modelling

Heuristic Modelling reveals where the data indicates opportunities and threats.

Data-intensive operations — where business processes generate tremendous amounts of data (that all too often goes entirely un-examined) — these enterprises can learn their way to success in ways that are not available to organizations of lesser data endowment. For them, the challenge revolves around reading all that data and discerning where it reveals valuable opportunities and hidden risks; in a timely fashion and with sufficient context to enable successful managerial intervention.

For such challenges as these: Heuristic modelling offers a rigorous method for extracting rich insights from raw information – almost any kind of information. It is our analyst’s equivalent of a multi-purpose tool. With heuristic modelling, we can process obscure data into actionable intelligence, and reveal your highest-leverage options for efficient and effective action.

We would love to put our computer modelling expertise to work for you, wherever you have a mountain of data and a need to make sense of it. For almost any data-laden challenge you must champion, we can chop it to size with one of our custom-built Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet solutions. We are keen to flex our modelling muscles to move your special projects forward, to aid you in the profitable pursuit of sustainable success. Some of the applications we have successfully tackled include:

    • Life Cycle Analysis*

    • Activity-Based Costing

    • Greenhouse Gas Footprinting*

    • Material Flow Analyses (Facility Scale and Global Logistics)

    • Warehousing Rationalization

      ~ Forecasting
      ~ Pattern Analysis
      ~ Requirements Planning
      ~ Utilization and Consumption Projection
      …et cetera, et cetera…

If your IT systems have been amassing data that you know is important, but that nobody has been looking at; ask us what we would do with it, if we were you. It would be a pleasure to discuss your special project, and better understand what the possibilities can promise.

* (Almost) regrettably, most of our work for clients is not for public display. However, we have produced something for our publishing arm that definitely is. It is a ‘distributed’ and comparative life cycle inventory, generated with one of our heuristic models, that provides a rigorous three-way comparison between an eBook and two hardcopy editions of an equivalent-sized book. One of these hardcopy books is modeled for delivery via express shipping that includes air freight. The other is modeled for delivery by ground shipping carried end-to-end by truck. The model factors for a (very tightly specified) corrugated shipping box, and the materials and energy inputs needed to produce these goods and ship them along specific delivery routes, using specific vehicles sent to specific destinations.

To produce a common-denominator metric of comparison, our model also generates a greenhouse gas footprint for all three of these purchase and delivery scenarios. Also included in the model’s scope are; multi-modal fuel requirements estimation, full-flight emissions modelling for air freight (not just for cruise-level operations, but LTO cycles as well), and organic gas speciate profiling for exhausts, among other unique aspects. The model also has powerful expert-user features, such as; variable smart text, automated document scripting (including for a large-format poster, summary reports and detailed notes concerning each delivery destination), plus ‘.kml’ scripting for generating GIS outputs for the ‘Google Earth’ viewer; among other high-leverage features.

You can review the resulting life cycle inventories that we have published through DigiNatal Publishing; a division of Synerlux Corporation.

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