Ghost Services

You need the work done, and you’d like to take the credit; without the DIY hassle.

There are many, many things we can do for almost any busy business professional, working in any industry, anywhere in the world. This definitely includes the discreet purchase of credit for our good works. We are happy to provide this service and the credit for it; by working together with you using encrypted communications over the internet.

With your written guidance, we will expertly handle your anonymized and desensitized files to produce the work products you require. We can work in American English as well as Canadian English. (Additional localization must be undertaken by our clients after the delivery of our contracted work products.) At each stage of our work, as per our agreed schedule, we will receive your payment for our services rendered, in Bitcoin or Altcoin, so much the better to maintain and serve the confidence you have placed in us.

To learn more about the things we can do for you, and how we can do it discreetly; set-up a throw-away email account, and send us your inquiry using the form below. After we establish initial communications, we can move on to encrypted communications.

We will be most pleased to provide you with a novel Bitcoin or Altcoin address if/as you need them.

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