Empowerment for Environmentalists

Conserving nature, especially the fragile atmosphere; is an obligation of enterprise.

If you are working towards something that will conserve the environment, we would like to help you, if we possibly can. This is especially true if you are working in industry and you are trying to improve your environmental performance. We will also do whatever we can if you are working with an environmental non-profit, NGO, or are an environmentally-concerned researcher or inventor in your own right. Basically, anyone who can generate significant leverage useful for improving environmental sustainability, we would like to talk to you about how we may be able to assist you.

Please phone or send us an email and let’s start the discussion of what we might be able to do for you (if anything).

If you are already an enterprise leader, you must realize that worldwide; concern for the environment is increasing rapidly, and this seems to be one trend with no end in sight. For the foreseeable future, environmental issues are set to rise in importance, giving this trend a momentum that has never been seen before. It is the most critically urgent call for leadership that the world has ever known.

Peaking resource constraints, increasing levels of pollution and new knowledge of its hazards, ecosystem degradation and collapse, not to mention all of the economic, social, legal and geopolitical tensions that arise from these issues; will conspire to confound our aspirations and reset the agenda, often in spite of our best laid plans. For these reasons, among others, effective management of environmental issues has become a critical competency for organizations and communities of all kinds.

The challenge taken-up by proactive leaders is to get ahead of these issues in meaningful ways – ways that add value to their enterprises and causes. Reactive stances are untenable, as they only incur expenses, too often including the dire cost of lost goodwill and lost opportunity. Thankfully, what proactive leaders are finding is that by doing the right things in the right ways, not only are market advantages secured, but also that operating expenses can be cut, often significantly.

This makes perfect sense; because as we increase energy efficiency, rationalize logistical flows, and reduce both materials usage and waste, the results will naturally accrue on the bottom line. For businesses, not only is effective environmental management a market and a moral imperative, it is also an economic necessity.

Consider that many of the environmental issues coming to the fore today are raised first in the public consciousness, even before government regulators take-up the issue. This means that mere regulatory compliance offers a wholly inadequate defense in today’s court of public opinion. To make the most of things, and secure the advantages on offer, leaders and their organizations must therefore proactively push the envelope and innovate to shape the dynamic, faster than the competition, and before waiting for new government regulation to solidify. Indeed, this is the very essence of being proactive on environmental issues.

For this greater endeavour, Synerlux is proud to extend our analytical and modelling expertise, to clearly identify and assess the environmental impacts caused by your business activities. This is how we can identify those aspects which deserve special attention, either because they embody significant environmental impacts, or because they provide some potential ‘quick wins’ that are worth capitalizing on from the start.

Whatever your requirements; we will establish the business case for every initiative, and ensure that you will have the ‘proof of claim’ you need to validate the environmental bona fides of your organization. Let us help you…

    •Satisfy market imperatives and shape public opinion with verifiable action on environmental business issues.

    •Demonstrate exemplary responsibility performance so that you can win preferential investment, and gain a leg-up on any of your competitors who are content to cut environmental corners.

    •Effectively manage brand risks that are greater than ever – in this, the information age – when fast-cast negative e-pinions can sprout into memes in the blogosphere, to be picked-up by the 24-hour news cycle and churned into streaming video, crippling controversy, eroded goodwill, divestment, credit downgrading and declining market position.

    •Reduce the costs of regulatory compliance by systematizing your policies, procedures and protocols, while gaining valuable operating insights and managing your environmental impacts downward.

    •Make quick work of your reporting requirements and voluntary disclosures; concerning the disposition of toxic materials, airborne emissions, or your use and discharge of water – as your objectives and stakeholder/constituents demand.

    •Establish your eco-footprint using appropriate guidelines, to satisfy any certification regime or third-party validation audit you wish to undertake, in service of your eco-labelling and other marketing initiatives.

We are especially keen to help you craft a cogent corporate response to climate change with our groundbreaking greenhouse gas accounting systems and services. Ask us how Synerlux Systems can equip your organization with the tailor-made tools you need to make this added complexity much, much simpler, while at the same time raising the bar on your competition.

We already have a stable of sophisticated Synerlux Systems that we can easily adapt to suit your production processes and extended supply chains. In fact, one of our strengths in this endeavour is our ability to integrate your legacy information; which is why we can easily build-upon the information you already have, such as; bills of material, supplier manifests, production reports, inventory reports, MSDSs, shipping schedules, fuel and energy usage statistics, et cetera. When and where necessary, we can even handle the required third-party inquiries on your behalf. The net result is that we can extend and enrich your managerial control over all aspects of your business operations, thereby yielding environmental performance improvements along with significant cost savings and sustainable revenue gains.

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