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In this emerging era of accelerating change, all organizations must constantly renew themselves to compete and succeed. There are many ways to do this, but none can offer the superlative cost/benefit advantage of gaining insight through an improved mindset. Nothing can bring more and longer-lasting competitive advantage - not any technology, quick-fix, solution, nor merger, nor acquisition - than the timely adoption and application of improved thinking.
The ability to see more clearly than your competitors do, to understand better and respond most appropriately; these are decisive advantages.
For this perspective; Paradigm Progress explains how organizations of every kind can navigate the nineteen tactical, strategic and structural paradigm shifts that are driving organizational innovation in this new millennium. Each section contrasts the old ways with the new ways, or compares the well-worn myths of business with the new truths that now prevail. Summary tables and notes complete each section, and draw-out the key lessons that must be applied and leveraged for maximum advantage.
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This eBook has a 'Life Cycle Inventory'
It provides a rigorous three-way comparison between an eBook edition of 'Paradigm Progress', and two hardcopy editions of an equivalent-sized book. One of these hardcopy books is modelled for delivery via express shipping that includes air freight. The other is modelled for delivery by ground shipping carried end-to-end by truck. (In future, delivery scenarios outside of the continental Americas will model for minimal air freight, wherever end-to-end trucking is not a possibility.) We have also modelled for a (tightly specified) corrugated shipping box to accompany both hardcopy books.
This state of the art 'distributed' and comparative life cycle inventory details the resource requirements and environmental impacts for specific delivery routes, vehicles and destinations, for a single copy of this specific book, entitled 'Paradigm Progress'. To draw a more than fair comparison between these three different book-buying options, we have also prepared the greenhouse gas footprints of all three purchase and delivery scenarios.

For each delivery destination, we have prepared a detailed 'poster-report' (.pdf) and an accompanying set of (.pdf) notes to explain our calculations. At the bottom of this page, you will also find a '.kml' file that provides a summary of this same information. You can view this '.kml' file if you have 'Google Earth' installed on your computer. This file shows the precise delivery routes we have modelled for, and by clicking on the icons you can review summary information about this life cycle inventory. Clicking on the book icons will launch a pop-up window that will load a brief summary report specific for that particular destination.
In time, we will add more delivery destinations to this library of life cycle inventories, as we work to further improve and expand our heuristic computer model. Please note: The posters are approximately 1.7 MB in size, and contain a lot of fine print - not because we wanted to hide anything, but because we wanted to fit it all into a single poster. You can use your PDF reader's zoom function to see everything. Don't forget; all of the text is searchable. Right-click on the 'File Links' to save these inventory documents to your computer. PLEASE NOTE: Because the posters are large format documents, you may have to click on your PDF reader's 'zoom' button once, in order to bring them into proper focus.
If you have any questions or comments about these life cycle inventories, or a criticism about our work (or a request for assistance with yours), please let us know. Enquiries from Authors seeking an electronic publisher are particularly welcome! You can send instant messages to us through our two homepages for DigiNatal Publishing or Synerlux Consulting; or you can reach us using the contact information provided here.

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Lebanon, Kansas, USA
(The geographic center of the 48 contiguous states.)
RE: Deliveries to the 'Lebanon City Library'
        Supplementary Notes
Monday, September 5, 2011

Los Angeles, California, USA
RE: Deliveries to the 'Los Angeles Public Library'
        Supplementary Notes
Monday, September 5, 2011

'Google Earth' Summary Report for 'Paradigm Progress'
NOTE: You must save this file to your computer, and then double-click on it for your installation of 'Google Earth' to open it. Otherwise, your web browser will display it as a text document. 'Google Earth' must be installed on your computer for you to properly review this file. The free version will work just fine.
Monday, September 5, 2011

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