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Analytical Services gauge current performance and improvement potential. Our strength in this domain, is what empowers us to find valuable advances to fuel your drive toward innovation.
Work Studies form the backbone of all of our services. This is because we need to understand exactly how your organization operates - each in-scope person, process and procedure within it - before we can determine what we can and cannot do for you. In our experience, it is absolutely necessary to study work in progress, because all too often, the available documentation or even the in-depth explanations of managers do not cover the real-world details that can matter most of all.
  • Because work studies are an exploratory undertaking, we often do them for free and without a full-fledged service contract. Typically, we would only ask to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement that would protect the confidentiality of your industrial secrets and of our research methods and improvement proposals.
  • Our work studies require an area of focus; whether that's a section of a facility, an operating process or sub-process, a specific group of employees, or a separate operation or business unit - whatever the case may be. (Although we would welcome the opportunity to perform an organization-wide work study, this is something we would normally undertake only as part of a paid engagement.)
  • From our initial, wide look, we narrow our focus more and more, until we settle on the specific opportunities for improvement that have the most to offer.
  • We may use a number of different work studies, from; time-and-motion studies, machine utilization analysis, set-up / changeover / and shut-down procedure breakdowns, cost-and-loss analysis, exception and error handling procedure analysis, etc.
  • If we find one or two substantial opportunities for improvement; we would prepare a project proposal geared to secure these gains for you. Should you accept our proposal, our initial work together can begin, and hopefully progress to other opportunities as well, as we prove our worth with deeds done well.
  • If we cannot find any substantial opportunities that would warrant us working together (from an ROI standpoint); we would present all of our findings so that you can capitalize on our research without further assistance from us.

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