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Redesign Services bring the full potential of your enterprise on-line, by implementing the power of new perspectives. This is how we seize the many opportunities for your greater success.
Corporate Restructuring Advisory Services enable your organization to escape the compromises accumulated over time or through "compounding habit". This body of services is not simply an exercise in rearranging boxes on an organizational chart, or deciding what parts of the enterprise to spin-off. It is a strategic and tactical realignment of your organization, for the purpose of securing performance improvement.
  • By merging our operational view of your business with an incisive financial perspective, we help you restructure rationally.

  • Restructuring Advisory Services ensure the continued and improved functioning of mission-critical operations.

  • We draw heavily on the most insightful thinking from a number of schools of thought concerning; organizational behaviour and development theory, general systems theory (a.k.a. "systems thinking"), game theory, management innovation, activity-based costing, process reengineering, triple bottom-line accounting, etc.

  • Our objective is to rationally restructure the authority, control, discretion and responsibility that pervades every action and outcome in your organization.

  • With this cornerstone service in the field of organizational development, we "trim the fat" and plant the seeds for your renewed SUCCESS!

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