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We don't bring a preconceived idea about your needs
We enable you to decide on all of your best options
Two key objectives are cost control & staff development
We study real-life performance to assess opportunities
We custom design all of our improvement approaches
We leave you with no doubts as to what was achieved
Strengthening your staff to move forward on their own
We always seek to minimize your out-of-pocket costs
When we analyze an operation, we do not rely solely on financial statements to gauge performance. Nor do we use an arbitrary "standards-based" approach, such as benchmarking. Instead, we go deeper. We speak to the people who actually do the work, and observe them as they do it. In the process, we capture real operational data using click-counters, tape measures, stop watches, check sheets and spreadsheets -- whatever it takes. We then analyze this performance data, converting it into dollars and cents and outcomes. To be sure, this requires some effort, but it reveals actual performance with a tremendously high resolution, much greater than could ever be provided by financial statements alone.
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