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Use technology intelligently, not for the sake of fashion
Success flows from maximizing the value of your staff
Improvement is a journey, not a destination
Achievement is what counts, not how little time is used
Our reflex is to choose and run, but with some thought...
The principles we use in our work are not just prescriptions we offer to our Clients. They also guide the decisions we take to develop and refine our own firm. This happens in many, many ways, but you can witness our principles in play when you consider the following.
  • In our work, the use of information technologies is essential, but sometimes also risky. We are always concerned about the threats to corporate security and privacy that we are all exposed to by underdeveloped information technologies. Wherever such issues are a concern, we will be sure to discuss the matter with you, and make arrangements that minimize our risks while tapping the benefits of IT.

  • Whether for our Clients or ourselves, cross-training is always an imperative. We believe that specialized training is a good thing, but that what is even better is to spread those special skills and insights throughout the enterprise. This is why we implement Human Resources Development strategies that build workforce flexibility, adaptability and competency (for our Clients and ourselves).

  • Continuous improvement is our routine work, and we never rest on our laurels. This is why we are never satisfied to recycle our advice over and over again for new Clients. We intentionally set out to climb the learning curve on every project, so that we can pick up as many new lessons along the way as possible. This provides both you and us with tremendous benefits that are unattainable via short-cuts and knock-offs.

  • Maximizing billable hours is not our priority. In fact, on many kinds of projects, we do not even bill by the amount of time we spend, but rather by what we accomplish (and sometimes as a percentage of cost savings or revenue gains achieved). Instead, we are much more interested in spending our time productively, and we see profit as a spin-off benefit of this time well spent. To us, time is not money, time is opportunity.

  • Generating options is a large part of what we do -- including how to have your cake and eat it too. We understand that in many instances, it is infinitely more important to preserve options than it can be to achieve short-term goals. This is why we work to maintain a dynamic balance between all of our objectives, and why our objectives also include the service of other's objectives, most especially those of our Clients.

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