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About Our Mission - Building Enterprise Synergy
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Special services for leaders of 1 or 100,000
Strengthen and build your teams
Enrich and extend the power of specific departments
Harmonize division-wide performance
Synergize corporate-level operations
Find and use new leverage at the strategic level
Offer better service value and deliver on it smarter
Leaner, cleaner and more dynamic manufacturing
Quicker, smoother and cheaper logistics operations
More responsive and intelligent administrative areas
We work in all kinds of production facilities, toward the implementation of lean, flexible and more productive Manufacturing and Fabrication processes; as well as their supporting operations.
  • Sourcing, Purchasing, Receiving and Stocking Materials and Equipment
  • Recruiting Hiring, Orienting, Training and Motivating Employees
  • Identifying Customer Needs and Developing Engineering Specifications
  • Selecting and Contracting with Supply and Service Providers
  • Scheduling Production and Staging Materials and Equipment
  • Organizing and Deploying Production Labour
  • Assuring Production Quality and Performance Standards
  • Managing Suppliers and Service Providers
  • Improving Setup, Change Over, Shutdown & Maintenance Procedures
  • Packaging, Warehousing, Picking, Shipping & Distributing Goods
  • Paying, Rewarding and Recognizing Employees
  • Supporting and Servicing Goods Produced
  • Maintaining Facilities and Equipment

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