Cyber Assistance

With voice communications backed-up with screen-sharing; the distance disappears.

One of the great ironies of the information age is how little attention we actually pay to all of this new information surrounding us, even though it is supposedly at our fingertips and in the ether all around us. With all of the new data sets springing into existence, with new data points increasingly added at machine speeds; we seldom look into even our own treasure-troves of ‘Business Intelligence’ (BI), never mind all of the open-source and derivative information that already exists online.

The other great irony is that even with the amazingly rich telecommunications potential of the internet, most organizations do very little in the way of bringing-in external resources. Instead, they have tended to use information and communications technology (ICT) to knit-together their remotely-located ‘internals’. At the same time, ICT vendors bombastically proclaim ‘data fusion’ just as deep pockets of data confusion remain tucked-in tight throughout our enterprises and along our extended value chains.

This is where Cyber / Assistance from Synerlux can bring light into the darkness.

Whether you want us working right there alongside you, or from across the internet; Synerlux is pleased to offer a wide array of very special IT-related and other professional services that are geared to leverage your business information, data and knowledge maximally; to crystallize comprehension, to catalyze action, and to cultivate and create the business innovations and insights that will pay you dividends in short-order and over the long-term.

Often, our services culminate in the development and implementation of novel ‘systems’ — Synerlux Systems — which offer you a *proprietary solution* unique to your enterprise; a competitive advantage that is unavailable to your competitors off-the-shelf.

In addition, we do also offer wordsmithery and technical authoring services for a wide range of audiences, intents and purposes. Or perhaps all you require is an added hand or two for a project, plan, proposal, presentation or report — whatever you need — Synerlux is your go-to resource for Cyber / Assistance.

Start by sending an email message describing what you have in mind. For RUSH ORDERS please phone (+001) 416-428-1716 ANY TIME. Because it may be easier to discuss things over the phone than via email, always include your name and telephone number. You can rest assured that your inquiry will remain totally confidential, as would any service that we may subsequently perform for you.

If your request concerns a data set you are working on, please send along a representative sample of that data set, so that we may better understand the work at hand. (Please do not send us *actual* sensitive data such as the personal names of your customers, their banking, financial or credit card information or any kind of medical/patient data; without first discussing it with us.)

You can safely send us most of the more mundane business information flows concerning (for example) part numbers, material and resource flows, logistical details, ordering patterns, machine operations, transactional information of almost any kind including inventory moves, or energy or fuel usage data *especially*; or even qualitative data that we must codify or even develop an ‘automated taxonomy’ for (like customer complaints or service calls); the possibilities are almost endless.

As you require; we can either demonstrate how to proceed over the internet, or we can undertake the work on your behalf – even working as your ‘ghost’ if you need us to. We are always flattered when our clients take credit for our work – that’s part of what we sell, and always how we deliver the value you need, exactly as you require.

We are pleased to sign any non-disclosure, confidentiality, non-compete or intellectual property rights agreements that you care to present, or alternatively, we can prepare any covenant of confidence that you require.

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