Cost Cutting

Cutting costs, without compromising on quality; builds value for all stakeholders.

In this challenging economy, the need to cut costs and keep them trimmed has never been greater. The challenge is how to control costs without compromising on the ability to pursue key objectives.

Figuring this out is best done by thoughtfully considering the correct options. These correct options can never be found in abstracted ‘benchmarks’ or so-called ‘best practices’ that would be forced to fit your very different circumstances. Trying to follow the ill-suited examples of other organizations can never be a recipe for sustained success, not least of which because your competitors can do the same just as easily.

The truth of the matter is counterintuitive: effective cost control measures cannot be found on the balance sheet, nor on the P&L statement, and neither can they be discovered by dissecting budgets or other financial management ploys. In this case, ‘following the money’ does not pay. The keys to reducing costs can only be found hidden in the details; by studying the way the organization actually operates. This is done with; work studies, process mapping, logistical flow analyses, material utilization studies, data mining and activity-based costing, among other useful methods that we may employ. These methods provide the means to scope and secure a wide variety of significant and cashable cost control measures.

Precisely what may be possible in your operation is something that we could only address after we have taken a closer look. Doing so would be our pleasure. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reduce your costs.

NOTE: Cost control projects may be eligible for a performance-based arrangement, in which case your out-of-pocket expenses may be zero dollars! With no risk and nothing to lose, you have everything to gain by calling us today 416-428-1716.

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