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Thornhill, Ontario

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Our Office Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).
(In actuality, we frequently answer the phone long after these hours - please don't be shy to call us late.)

Another option: To reach our founder Ravi Karumanchiri, try visiting The Environomy.Net/Forum (E.N/F) where he
might likely be found if he is online. You might even find him in the 'Jappix Chat Room' in the lower-right of this web page,
which is a shared XMPP-based chat room spanning the E.N/F, Industrial Environomics and Environomy websites,
including The Centre for Environomic Synergy.
Please be forewarned that this XMPP-chat is setup to allow *anyone* to pick their own username, so you might not be
able to trust the identity of *anyone* in the XMPP-chat room. This is why the 'Mini-Chat' @ the E.N/F (in the navigation bar)
is only available to registered and signed-in E.N/F members; offering greater positive reassurance of identification.

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