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About Our Mission - Building Enterprise Synergy
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The positive forces of synergy compete with entropy
Objectives & unintended consequences both result
Efficient resource utilization is about harmony
Like any living thing, an organization digests resources
Transforming costs into value added is the method
Potential is developed internally, and realized externally
Organizations are interlinked beyond and across boundaries
Understanding the operational context is essential
When systemic constraints are in the way, change them
Enterprises can transform themselves with new ideas
Adaptation is the key to survival and success
In every endeavour, these competing forces are at play, working either to further your success, or finish you off. Because the general tendency is toward entropy, decay and decline; you must maintain a forward momentum of synergy to progress and succeed over time.
The vicious cycle of destructive dynamics will erode the productive and profitable potential of any organization.  Given time, this is inevitable, unless we work to prevent it. The vituous cycle of constructive dynamics is what drives  our success.  When we combine our efforts effectively,  this synergy is the result -- the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

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