Analytical Services

By stacking-up facts and crunching the numbers, valuable insights are gained.

Analytical Services gauge current performance and improvement potential. Our strength in this domain, is what empowers us to find valuable advances to fuel your drive toward innovation.

    •We talk to your people; observe work in progress; everywhere measuring and analyzing performance and linkages, capacities and flexibility — to study how every element of your operation comes together. This gives us an holistic view of your enterprise.

    •We reveal performance and planning gaps, and any sources of resistance, drag, friction and waste — and STRENGTH. This is how we map out the path of least resistance toward your growing success.

    •Our Analytical and Diagnostic services help determine your needs and options objectively, scientifically and with full transparency — before we make any recommendations to you.

Knowing what to do and how to do it can be a real challenge. Knowing what is best to do and how best to do it, can be even more complex. Those who know better; know that it pays to take a measured approach, to let the full flower of insight blossom and bear the fruits of innovation. This is how success is made instead of excess.

For this reason, our analytical services are at the root of virtually everything we do. With them, we find ways to achieve the results you require, without spending too much time, having you expend too much money or managerial attention, or upending all of those things that are better left as they already are. Through close examination, we can discover the opportunities and obstacles to be found along your path of progress, to seize every advantage and sidestep the pitfalls that lay in your way ahead.

To do this properly, we don’t only look at the distilled information listed neatly in your P&L statement or on your balance sheet or in your sales reports. For our purposes, this information is too highly abstracted, far too outdated and too far removed from the actual work performed by your front-line employees. Instead, we dig deeper, looking at your actual operating processes, while they are in operation – your employees, their equipment and technology, their operating procedures and the inputs, throughputs and outputs that are at every step in your operating processes. We watch it all come together, to discover how this business activity could be made more efficient, more productive, with higher quality and less delay – leaner in every way.

We work to develop a novel understanding of your production processes and your overall operation, supply lines and extended value chain, by studying them all closely, in new and incisive ways. Typically, we also examine the masses of transactional data captured by your computer systems – each and every entry – to understand the big picture in minute detail. This is how our detail-oriented analytical services can provide intimately nuanced insights into your operations and the potential for improvement. It is how we nurture the full flower of insight, to blossom and bear the fruits of innovation.

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