Alt-IT Systems R&D Services

IT systems that have outputs which are not animated; can be replicated with MS Excel.

We’ve all heard the old adage…

‘Give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime’.

A similar distinction can be drawn between the provision of a service, and the provision of a system. In a very real sense, when we provide you with a ‘Synerlux System’, we’re not just turning-over some ‘static’ (unchanging, unmoving) deliverable. We’ll be equipping you with both a method and the means you need to outperform your status quo, to succeed at the work you do for your customers and clients.

There are two key points that distinguish all Synerlux Systems from other IT offerings in the marketplace.

First, unlike out-of-the-box or other commercially-available ‘modular’ software systems; your Synerlux System will be custom-built just for your enterprise, and it will be entirely unavailable to your competitors. This fact in itself offers the potential for competitive advantages that labelled software can never offer.

Better still: Our highly-sophisticated yet low-cost research-and-development (R&D) approach can even integrate your legacy data for a fraction of the cost typical if you were to choose a comparable specialty business application. In fact, we relish the opportunity to integrate legacy data because the process of doing so is richly instructive as to your most fruitful options and alternatives. In a nutshell: We can help you achieve information enlightenment, by systematizing the use of deep expertise.

Second, because we use the ubiquitous development platform that is Microsoft Excel; your staff can also improve our system itself, working on their own initiative with a level of ease that is just not possible with those glossy, glitzy, off-the-shelf, ‘black-box’ software systems. This makes our system R&D initiatives accessible to everyone on your staff, even after we leave; and the competitive power of this distinction can be decisive as well. So long as your required output is not actually animated; we can help you and your staff to construct your own in-house solution built from nothing more exotic than Microsoft Excel — simultaneously delivering simplicity, sophistication and superlative cost effectiveness.

Very much unlike most other ‘software vendors’, we will be inviting everyone on your staff to contribute as their experience, learning and inspiration will suggest; but not just once at the beginning, but throughout our ongoing R&D cycle (which is actually more like a PDSA cycle). Even after your system is ‘installed’ or rolled-out for use; the real development cycle can begin in earnest; ideally in-house, lead and run entirely by your own staff — anyone who knows Microsoft Excel or learns it along the way, while working alongside us on your ‘Synerlux System’.

In general terms, we offer two types of ‘Synerlux Systems’; Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Data-Fused Expert Systems (DFES), but the precise form and function of both types is defined organically and both can be merged, as the dictates of your business would demand.

Decision Support Systems can play a powerful role in any operation at almost every level. At the strategic level, the essential technical challenge is to fuse diverse information flows and current operating context in such a comprehensive way that decision makers can gain the insights they need to make better and better operating decisions. Put plainly: The ‘i-t’ in this kind of “IT” is all about the output — the ‘document’ — and how well it supports timely decision making on particularly complex or weighty matters.

Elsewhere in your organization, if your business processes rely-on or produce as an end-product, any kind of ‘information artifact’; whether it’s a build ticket or ‘Kanban’ for internal use only, a real-time managerial report, or a quotation, or the very service agreement you will ask your customers to sign; your ability to reliably produce exactly-correct and fully-functional documents is essential for your success.

The true value of DSSs and other expert systems is in how well they can empower your people to make better, often ‘higher-level’ decisions; to perform more valuably with less risk, in numerous ways. Indeed, our expert systems themselves can become critical pieces of organizational infrastructure if they are conceived as engines driving continuous improvement and as learning arenas where processes and customers are studied scientifically.

To find out what this learning journey can mean for your business, we should brainstorm together!

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